Nova is the newest high-end security door from Oikos Venezia.

The Most Beautiful Modern Glass Front Door You’ve Ever Seen

And it’s bulletproof, too.

Oikos Venezia, the world’s leading manufacturer of custom-made high-performance safety doors, has unveiled a new line of modern glass front doors. Nova is an innovative new line of highly customizable safety doors for flawless cohesion between the interior and exterior environment.

This unique front door embodies the fundamental principles of modern Italian design and quality. Nova was introduced to the design world at the Architect@Work exhibition in Rome and has been earning accolades from designers and consumers alike at Europe’s most exclusive trade fairs for its striking size and crystal clear bulletproof glass.

While the Nova is made almost completely of glass with only a discrete modern frame, this armored door features all the trusted values of Oikos’ standard safety door construction including class 3 anti-break-in performance and high acoustic and thermal retention. The seamless integration of materials and features creates a door with a completely smooth surface, free of grooves or protrusions.

Nova offers complete freedom in terms of size. The door can be customized with a width up to 11 feet and a height of 20 feet allowing you to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind façade for your home. With Nova, Oikos also introduces an improved pivot opening mechanism, similar to that of Synua, to allow for a wider space across the threshold.

A Nova door can be installed in a variety of configurations, flush with the inside or outside wall, with or without a sole shutter, or sidelight. The minimalistic frame is available in a dozen modern tones including platinum, deep blue, pearl, and smoke—and the frame can be customized with two different colors on the inside and outside for perfect harmony with the style of your home.