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When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

There’s a lot more to consider when planning a kitchen remodeling project than the weather outside.

In many places around the country, summer is the season to take on a big kitchen remodeling project. In San Francisco and Miami, we’ve got mild temperatures and sunny days most of the year, but the weather isn’t the only thing to consider; there’s also the cost, how long it will take, and potential disruption to family life.

When you buy a kitchen through European Cabinets, it’s not necessary to hire a contractor. Our installation team is highly qualified and experienced; we’ll install your kitchen quickly, and we’ll make sure it’s done right the first time. However, it will take 12 – 14 weeks to get your cabinets after the order is placed. So don’t go tearing out your kitchen cabinets before you come to us!

Here are a few other things to consider when deciding when to remodel your kitchen, or start any other big remodeling project around your home:

An alternate cooking space: Grilling is a great option for meal preparation during a kitchen remodel, but if you live in a snowy state, that just won’t work; opt for the warmer, drier months if you live in a cold or rainy area.

Minimize the costs: Like all retail products, the cost of building materials fluctuates throughout the year. If you plan your project in advance you can purchase different materials like paint, trim, sheetrock, tile, etc., when they are at their cheapest.

Get the job done faster: If your job requires a contractor, it behooves you to plan in advance and schedule your contractor when they have plenty of time to dedicate to your project. Late fall and mid-winter tend to be good times.

More hours in the day: If you’re doing much of your project yourself, you may prefer to start during spring or summer when the days are the longest allowing you to get more work done during daylight hours.

Keep your routine intact: Nothing is more disruptive to a family’s routine than having workers in the house. Choose a time when the kids are on vacation, or better yet, away at summer camp. It’s also important to choose a contractor or installation team you can trust. If you’re not comfortable running out for a gallon of milk, you may have chosen the wrong guys.

In the end, the best time to remodel is whenever your budget allows and the job will present the least disruption to your household. Let us know how we can help!

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