Wave Modern Spiral Staircase Cast Stairs
A modern spiral staircase is the focal point of any trend-setting home.

New Modern Spiral Staircase Collections from CAST Stairs

Wind and Wave: two new modern spiral staircase collections from CAST inspired by the power of the natural elements.

Grand, spiral staircases are all the rage right now. These pieces of art are like sculptures that can change the essence of a home from “must move” to modern. From a steel staircase fabricated in Switzerland and installed by crane into a Colorado home to the bright white spiral staircase leading to a rooftop patio in Peru designed by architect Jorge Marsino Prado, a modern spiral staircase is a must-have design element in any trend-setting home.

CAST, the great Italian manufacturer of custom staircases, recently unveiled two new spiral stair collections inspired by the natural elements.

Wind Modern Spiral Staircase by CAST
The new Wind staircase collection from CAST.

Wind is a spiral staircase with a helical center structure that seems to float through the room like a fresh summer breeze and externally supported steps with a stainless steel or painted iron handrail. The steps themselves come in stratified glass or wood with an open or closed riser—really the combinations available with this collection are endless.

Wave also features a helical center structure but the steps are supported by an external iron rib with welded stirrups and no visible screws for a clean, modern look. The Wave railing is also available in painted iron or stainless steel and steps are available in wood or glass.

Wave modern staircase by CAST Stairs
The Wave spiral staircase collection from CAST.

These beautiful one-of-a-kind modern staircases are sure to be the focus of any room in your home.

The two collections are found in CAST’s Exclusive line of helical stairs. Every CAST staircase is designed to the customer’s exact specifications and built in Italy by skilled craftsmen. The staircase is shipped to European Cabinets & Design Studios and installed by our expert installation team. To get started, stop by our showroom for a free, no-obligation consultation.