The new mirrored glass from Casali's Hybrid Collection can be used on sliding, swing, or curved glass doors.

Innovative Mirrored Glass Doors Honored at Best of Year Awards

Casali, the Italian manufacturer of glass doors, unveils four new products recently honored at Interior Design magazine’s 10th annual Best of Year Awards.

Italian glass door manufacturer Casali returned to Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year Awards with four entries from its Hybrid Collection designed by Mac Stopa. This year’s collection features a whimsical organic pattern embedded in glass and mirrored tables, panels, and doors.

Almost 1,000 designers and architects attended the 10th annual award ceremony to discover the winners and merit honorees in more than 100 product, project, and materials categories.

The Mira table can be combined into an infinite number of dazzling shapes.
The Mira table can be combined into an infinite number of dazzling shapes.

Casali’s Mira table, featured in the Residential/Dining Tables category, is a modular tempered-glass table with a highly symmetrical quadrilateral shape. Two modules can be put together to create an ideal dining table, or several tables could be fitted together to create one large table with a unique pattern. The Mira table is available in several colors offering infinite design possibilities. The glass table is decorated with an organic pattern applied using Casali’s hybrid lacquering technology. When light is shown through the table, the pattern is projected on the floor, creating a stunning artistic expression.

The new mirrored glass designed by Stopa was honored in the category for Combination of Dissimilar Materials. It uses several different materials—glass, mirror, mirrored foil, and opaque lacquering. The result is a never-before-seen visual effect that creates multiple reflections, transparencies, and shading, and which is constantly changing depending on the distance and angle of view of the observer.

The Hybrid mirrored glass uses a double pattern of organic shapes.
The Hybrid Collection mirrored glass uses a double pattern of organic shapes.

A similar process was used to create a glass panel, a double pattern with organic forms on mirrored glass achieved thanks to a new technique developed for creating multiple reflections and transparencies. The panel was entered in the Materials and Surfaces category.

Both types of mirrored glass were used to create glass doors honored in the Architectural/Building Products (doors, windows, paint) category. Two different patterns are created with complementary techniques on two sides of a single sheet of glass, which can be used on the whole range of Casali door types, including curved, sliding, and swing doors using 10mm extra-clear glass.

These products and more are available at European Cabinets & Design Studios.