This recently remodeled home features a living room accent wall with a Montigo gas fireplace and floor-to-ceiling Spanish tile.

8 Gorgeous Living Room Feature Wall Ideas

Top designers and savvy homeowners are taking the feature wall in a whole new direction.

Whether you want to make a statement in a room or simply have small space that needs to impress without overwhelming, adding a feature wall is a great way to create an unforgettable room.

You could always use a contrasting paint color to create instant drama in a room, but today top designers and savvy homeowners are taking this idea in incredible new directions including using recycled and reclaimed materials or adding personal pieces that make a bold statement.

“Wallpaper, wall murals, and paint will continue to be used,” she says, “and I see a swing towards the use of mixed materials, such as painted sections with timber molding or feature tiles,” designer Amanda Kiley of Omni Interiors told Houzz.

We’ve rounded up the most original and modern living room feature wall ideas—and tell you how to use them.

Spaicz Design Studio in British Columbia worked with a custom finisher to create this textured accent wall. Photo via Houzz.

Unique wall paneling

Creating a custom texture or pattern on a painted accent wall is a unique but subtle way to use wall space, especially in a modern or minimalistic home. You could also wrap boards in an unusually textured cloth for an extra tactile accent.

To get the look: If you’re design-oriented and handy with a table saw, you could use a home computer program like Photoshop to come up with your own design and map it out onto the wall. After cutting and installing the pieces, finish with a complementary paint color.

Photo by Brownhouse Design, Los Altos, CA. Photo via Houzz.

Fireplace accent wall

Gas fireplaces don’t require a traditional mantle but a fireplace wall makes a stunning centerpiece in a modern home.

To get the look: First, choose the fireplace—Montigo is a good option—and then choose either a stone slab or modern tiles for the floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround.

ultimate gallery wall
Odd Mom Out star Jill Kargman’s New York City townhouse boasts the ultimate gallery wall, including Karl Lagerfeld’s sketch of the wedding dress he designed for her to a skull by artist Damian Hirst. Photo via Vogue.

The ultimate gallery wall

The set of Odd Mom Out closely resembles the real-life New York City townhouse of writer, producer, and star Jill Kargman, which features the ultimate gallery wall—a curated combination of pieces that reflect her taste and her personality.

To get the look: Frame each piece in a unique but not overwhelming frame. Then trace the pieces onto cardboard and label so that you can plan out your wall. Finding balance in both of the size of the pieces and the color, tone, and texture is crucial to creating a successful gallery wall.

These cabinets from the Aran Cucine Bella collection come in a variety of geometric shapes and bold colors.

Statement storage

Form and function go hand in hand with these beautiful storage cabinets designed especially for use in the living room. They’re part of Aran Cucine’s Bella cabinet collection so it’s easy to blend an open kitchen and living room. The integrated cabinets and shelving come in a variety of geometric shapes and bold colors and textures and provide plenty of space to store or display home entertainment equipment, books, and favorite art pieces.

To get the look: Set up a complimentary consultation at European Cabinets to see the full range of cabinet options.

Framed sections of John Rocque’s 18th-century map of the cities of London and Westminster decorate one end of the living room in designer Ben Pentreath’s London flat. Photo via House and Garden.

Vintage map

“In this new age of GPS, Google Earth and multidimensional digital maps, mapping is suddenly hugely relevant again,” said art curator and historian Hans-Ulrich Obrist. A vintage map is a classic touch in any home modern or traditional. It can either recall a favorite place or voyage or inspire the next one.

To get the look: There are a number of websites selling vintage and replica maps. Choose a map that’s meaningful to you. For the most dramatic look, have a good photo printer divide and print it. Frame sections and hang in a grid.

Australian interior designer Amanda Ayres used recycled hardwood salvaged from the original home before it was renovated. Photo via Houzz.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood has been used for everything from mirrors to tables to staircases to bathroom vanities. Now, it’s being used to cover entire walls.

To get the look: Italian flooring manufacturer Skema also offers a line of wall coverings made of reclaimed and recycled wood. This wood often has a unique appearance that can’t be matched by any type of process designed to distress new wood. Set up a complimentary consultation at European Cabinets to see the full range of Skema wall covering options.

A single papered livens up this mid-century modern living room in Stockholm, Sweden. Photo via Houzz.

Bold print wallpaper

Statement wallpaper can instantly wake up a tired living room. In a small space, bold wallpaper draws attention away from the size of the room and creates instant personality.

To get the look: We love Chasing Paper’s removable wallpapers, with beautiful patterns from top designers like Amy Van Luijk, Kelly Ventura, Caitlin Keegan, Jessica Jones, Two If By Sea, and more.

Painting by Morgan Riccilli Slade.
This 48” x 192” painting by Morgan Riccilli Slade was commissioned for a Palo Alto home designed by Kathy Monarch.

Art accent wall

Nothing says feature wall like a single piece of art, and even better if it’s commissioned for the space.

To get the look: This is probably the most difficult look to make work, since you’ll need a single, wall-sized piece that’s both compelling and decorative, and you won’t want to rush into a potentially large purchase. Consider choosing a piece from an up-and-coming artist and it could also turn out to be a good long-term investment.