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Fantasy Evolution Vanity

Fantasy Evolution bathroom vanity is the ideal combination of essential, pure forms and dynamic yet expressive vanity colors, reflecting a place where small everyday acts like washing, looking in the mirror, tidying one's hair and generally taking care of oneself become the expression of a clear, fresh, easygoing concept of life.

The Curve. Bold, yet refined. Fantasy. Evolution is the proposal that the contemporary vanity needs not defy nature, but work in harmony with the natural curves and sinuous lines found in your backyard. Italian vanity design dictates you pick the color from our 54 matte or glossy lacquers.

As if in a delightful dream, let yourself be touched by the sinuous lines and harmony of colors, expressed in contemporary design through the instantiation of the object of your dreams. Soft curves frame the Italian vanity, coat it in a veneer of pure, unabashed luxury, creative, yet timeless.

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