Modern Kitchen Cabinets


Lab13 is the latest modern kitchen cabinet collection from Aran Cucine featuring easily customizable features and smart space solutions in a huge variety of colors and finishes.


Bella's wood textures and simple, essential lines remain true to Aran Cucine's artisan craftsmanship.


Bijou takes uses most advanced technology to create this collection in glass, porcelain, and high-pressure laminate.

Bilma Evo

A beautiful lacquered kitchen at a highly affordable price.


An innovative, minimalist kitchen reflective of its namesake.

Doga Colours

One of Aran Cucine's most popular collections offers a fresh, modern look for your kitchen.

Doga Flat

All the technical features of Doga Colours, without the horizontal v-groove.


A fresh and technologically advanced collection that uses environmentally friendly, fully recyclable materials.

Masca Evo

A new generation polymer cabinet system with soft, elegant lines.

Masca Laccata

A perfect combination of two of Aran Cucine's classic collections.