Modern Kitchen Collection

European Cabinets & Design Studios is the exclusive Northern California retailer for Aran Cucine.

We design, sell, and install these cutting-edge Italian Kitchens for residential and multi-unit properties.

Every Aran Cucine product is crafted in Italy.

Aran Cucine

Traditional Kitchen Collection

These custom-built kitchens showcase Aran Cucine's classic Italian craftsmanship and design.

With a wide variety of shapes and colors to choose from, these unique kitchen solutions will draw close families closer and serve as a hub for entertaining friends.

Aran Cucine

Bathroom Vanities

European Cabinets & Design Studios works with a portfolio of well-known Italian designers to provide our clients with the highest quality bathroom furniture and cabinetry.

Every product is manufactured in Italy, using only the finest materials and finishes. Our highly-trained designers work closely with our clients on every step of the process, from inception through installation.

Interior & Exterior Doors

European Cabinets & Design Studios has a wide range of products for you to choose from to find the perfect exterior, interior, or glass door for your home.

We pride ourself on our meticulous choice of materials, painstaking attention to detail, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Closets & Wardrobes

We offer custom-designed wardrobes and closets in a variety of finishes and colors. 

The wide range of internal accessories available ensures that each unit fits the client's needs perfectly. Our in-house installation specialists guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.

Staircases & Spiral Stairs

European Cabinet & Design Studios works exclusively with CAST, a leading Italian stair designer and manufacturer.

We can provide an infinite number of design solutions made from wood, glass, and steel. CAST products are featured primarily in single-family homes, while Faraone can also provide stairs for large commercial and multi-unit developments. We work closely with our clients every “step” of the way—from design concept through installation to provide the highest quality stair products available.

On Our Blog

Appliance makers and kitchen designers have been coming up with all sorts of modern features for your new kitchen, but your kitchen doesn’t have to have an ultra-modern look to accommodate them. For those of you who love the new conveniences but still prefer the look of a classic country kitchen, look no farther.

Aran Cucine’s traditional kitchen cabinet collections can be fully customized to seamlessly integrate modern features into an authentic Northern Italian kitchen. Here's how.