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Modern Kitchen Collection

Modern Kitchen Cabinets, European Modern Kitchen CabinetsAran Cucine has been producing kitchens since 1962. Added to the workmanship from the past which represents the founding DNA of the company is today's industrial production which is one of the most technologically and qualitatively advanced in the world. We will communicate with you to produce the best possible design based on your preferences and our professional knowledge, and we won't finalize it until you are 100% satisfied.

Kitchen design,kitchen cabinets

Traditional Kitchen Collection

Traditional Kitchen Cabinets, Classic Kitchen CabinetsEvery year, more than 60,000 families around the world choose an Aran kitchen. The range of products is constantly enriched and broadened by new models and new solutions; today Aran Cucine catalogs present 40 models which are either classic or modern, in more than 300 colors. European Cabinets & Design Studios kitchens is here to turn any kitchen into a professional chef's dream kitchen. Any of these traditional kitchens will be the family hub for gathering and entertaining.

Italian Bathroom Vanity

Italian Bathroom Vanity, Modern Bath Cabinets, Shower Enclosure Italian vanity offers pure, elegant volumetric vanity compositions with an unmistakable style based on the simplicity that springs from a synthesis of carefully chosen details and materials. Our bath cabinets are from the finest materials and the most experienced installers will provide you with the best vanity. Our bath designers are highly trained and able to help you to determine exactly the right vanity and bathroom cabinets for your home or office. Call us for a free no obligation consultation about european vanity we offer so we can guide your bathroom dream.


Modern european interior doors, exterior doors, wood doors, Italian doors, european made doors Our company has the distinction of bringing you the top Italian door designs in the world. Our business prides itself on careful choice of materials, painstaking attention to details, and unmatched customers satisfaction. Today, the company produces over 95,000 doors that ship all over the world. Our success is built upon our deep knowledge of wood, respect to old handcrafted manufacturing techniques, and our continual devotion to technological innovation.


Closets, Wardrobes, Storage Solution, Modern closetsThe wardrobe and closet is an integral part of a home, expression of one's lifestyle: between fashion and design, architecture and interior design. European Cabinets & Design Studios presents an ample array of Italian closets and wardrobes interpretations by exploring diverse aesthetic and functional combinations of its main feature: the door. Choice is provided in the multiplicity of colors, materials and typology of door opening, thus adapting naturally to any space.

Living Room & Library

Living Room Furniture, Library and Cabinet Wall Units, Crossing wall units, Contemporary Wall Units,closet San Francisco,closets, Wardrobes,Storage Solution,Modern closets,European closets A project that leaves room, both literally and elegantly, for the wishes, dreams and desires of each one in the most diverse areas and at the most diverse times. Exploring vast design and compositional potential, and basing on five simple independent elements: storage, units, wall panels, shelves, bases, platforms and "c" units. Creating a set of intelligent ideas that make life easier and better looking. Guaranteeing the best quality of the materials and manufacture. Collection allowing, with maximum straightforwardness, any change and expansion in time and space.


Stairs, Railing, Modern stairs, interior staircasesEuropean Cabinet & Design Studios offering stairs by CAST. Since 1980, CAST produces at industrial level interior staircases, consolidating its leading position in Italy and abroad, experiencing a work course meant to meet and respond Customer's needs, redefining staircase's serving function, but reborn as architectural element. The high quality of our products comes from a combination of state-of-the-art industrial technology and handicraft care in production processes thanks to our capability to perform internally all of production phases and processes.

European Cabinets and Design Studios is leading the industry in Italian and European home furniture and design. Our services range from interior design and professional installation, to remodeling. We service single-family homes and multi-unit construction. European Cabinets and Design Studios relationship with the leading Italian manufacturers and brands, allows our customers access to only the highest quality Italian products.
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