Interior Staircases, Spiral Stairs, Steel Stairs

European Cabinets and Design Studios is exclusive distributor of the CAST Stairs System. The stairs are made in Italy. Wood or glass steps with the stainless steel railing system.

CAST since 1980 produces at industrial level interior staircases, consolidating its leading position in Italy and abroad, experiencing a work course meant to meet and respond Customer's needs, redefining staircase's role no more merely intended in its serving function, but reborn as architectural element. The high quality of our products comes from a combination of state-of-the-art industrial technology and handicraft care in production processes thanks to our capability to perform internally all of production phases and processes. Feverish Research and Development complete our activity: innovation, design and originality are the main features of our staircases which are today symbols of excellence of Made in Italy worldwide.

There are furniture solutions that manage to exceed the boundaries of physicality, i.e. material, technology and functionality, and take on a symbolic value which is rich in exclusive atmosphere, evoked by the world that revolves around them. This is the case of the innovative Deko' line, with a design that commences with the original aesthetics of the staircase which is able to give a stylistic interpretation of space to living areas, highlighting every aspect with accessories and detailed furnishings.

The combination of top quality Kvadrat design fabrics with our Made in Italy products, results in a combination of high craftsmanship that is able to create final products which are totally unique: trends and fashions that blend with style and the desire to achieve complete awareness.

A versatile "total living" concept designed for those for whom routine solutions are never enough; those who demand straightforward and simple solutions without foregoing comfort or durability. This is what the research and experience gained by Cast is able to offer.

Staircases for interiors are an important building element of a house and mostly in the new living expression they evolve to become integrating part of living space made to measure. We know it well, as we played a leading role in this evolution, offering solutions to satisfy needs for quality, beauty and performance. The following pages are a proof of this skill; an itinerary through some of our installations to render the emotion of space and to leave space to emotions. Because our stairs are designed for living, in every sense.

Proposing solutions for inside decor, means interacting with people's life, with their way to represent the house in relation to themselves and to others. That's why at Cast Design, we offer the advantage of tables and chairs, that starting from sobriety and new dynamic harmonic shape are the answer to specific style requirement. Materials choice, care in finishing, handicraft execution, commitment, creative design and versatile solutions make of our products an ideal value for those looking for aesthetic quality without loosing performance and durability.

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