Engineered hardwood flooring in rustic Lake Tahoe condo

Tahoe Condo Gets Italian Flooring Upgrade

Engineered hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for an active, high-traffic home.

When an unexpected sewer backup destroyed the hardwood floor in his Tahoe condo, this homeowner had a choice to make: Replace the hardwood floor, or invest in a new, modern flooring designed for the wear and tear of an active lifestyle.

“The previous owner had installed a very traditional, and very dark natural hardwood floor. It was nice, but it actually felt very plastic-like. It was also hard to take care of and had started to peel due to some water ingress at a seam, which is not ideal in a vacation home used for sports activities year-round. I wanted the look of a rustic wood flooring, but I needed something more durable,” said the homeowner.

He chose an engineered hardwood flooring from Skema’s Oximoro line. Ermitage is a three-layer Italian oak flooring. Planks are available in three widths for a strong aesthetic impact, and pre-finished with natural oil or pigment for an authentic and lived style.

The one-bedroom corner unit has a lot of odd angles and corners. The planks were laid out parallel to the exterior living room wall in alternating thicknesses and extending across the living room and into the kitchen and bedroom.

Engineered hardwood flooring in bedroom of rustic Lake Tahoe condo
Skema Oximoro Erimatage in Perugino. The flooring was laid out with alternating plank thicknesses extending from the living room into the bedroom.

“I’m really pleased with the results. The flooring has a subtle texture that’s very comfortable on bare feet, and it’s very pleasant to walk on. The rustic look is perfect for the mountain condo. The natural shading and pattern variants in the planks make it easy to coordinate with other interior elements,” said the homeowner. “I often work from the condo, and whenever I’m on a Zoom call, everyone always complements the flooring. It really pops!”

Skema’s floor and wall coverings are made from high-quality, certified environmentally friendly materials, and there are a wide variety of unique, custom textures that can be applied to the wood. These flooring and wall solutions make use of dry-laying systems that do not involve the use of chemicals—Skema products are sustainable throughout their life cycle, from production tracking to final recycling. 

All Skema flooring comes pre-finished at the factory, which eliminates the time-consuming step of sanding and finishing on installation. As soon as the floor is installed, you can move in and enjoy it!

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