contemporary european kitchen
A classic white kitchen complimented by gray tones and natural wood is always in-demand. From Aran Cucine's Magistra collection.

Trending: Contemporary European Kitchens

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, contemporary European-style kitchens are growing in popularity.

A survey of kitchen designers by the National Kitchen & Bath Association showed that contemporary and transitional kitchens were rising in popularity—both styles have jumped 15% in just four years. White and gray are the most in-demand color schemes, and consumers are also placing value on European-style efficiency, accessibility, and ease of use.

“I am seeing lots of white painted kitchen perimeters with espresso stained islands and dark stained kitchen perimeters with light colored painted islands. Lots of painted white kitchens with light countertops and espresso islands and painted gray cabinets,” reported Christine Shorr of Morris Black Designs in Allentown, PA.

More and more Americans want to age in place rather than move into gated retirement communities making accessibility an important aspect of design throughout the market. The NKBA research found that efficient, European-style design with better access and improved storage solutions was in-demand across a variety of demographics.

contemporary european kitchens storage solutions
Accessible and innovative kitchen storage solutions will add value to a home in today’s market.

As demand increases for smaller units to accommodate the busy lifestyles of single millennials and empty nesters, kitchen tables are often being replaced by counters and tall gathering tables.

In larger kitchens, multiples of appliances are more common, as well as specialty appliances like steam ovens and wine refrigerators.

The NKBA says about two-thirds of kitchens now feature desks or home office areas as well as docking and charging stations for personal devices, and flat-screen televisions.

“Kitchens have been, and still are, the hub of the home and clients want everything in their kitchen, i.e., televisions, docking stations, convenience appliances, etc,” says Donna Marie Mushinskie of D M Designs in Yucaipa, CA.

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