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Exterior Doors - Oikos

Oikos is a name of Greek origin meaning "home". During 2010 Oikos celebrates its 20 years anniversary. The company designs and projects, manufactures and tests its safety doors in Italy in its headquarters based in Gruaro, 50 km distance from Venice. The market permits to Oikos to be positioned as leading within the top-of-the-line segment. Oikos manufactures bespoke safety doors with the highest quality standards. The whole production is certified: anti burglar (Class 3 and 4), acoustic and thermal isolation, water, air and wind protection. Any production phase is carried on inside the company plants to obtain unique products, internally Made in Italy with a refined design.

Oikos aims to provide architects and interior designers with a wide range of esthetical and technical solutions. Its international exposure is demonstrated by its presence in all the principal European markets as well as Asia, Africa and North America. Oikos distinguishing marks are: Curiosity, Dynamism, Style. The main themes founding its Research and Development moves are: Safety, Design, Comfort and product Reliability.

Oikos cares for the environment and its behavior adheres to eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility values, as demonstrated by its process certification. Oikos puts in act an entrepreneurial policy which tries to respect the territory where it was founded and where is still present. Any decision is taken keeping a high focus to its social responsibility too as an index of a high ethical profile. Oikos has always been involved in the local social development via giving incentives to cultural initiatives valuing its surrounding human heritage. Since 2009 co-operates with University Ca'Foscari in Venice for an ongoing improvement of performances applying academic research to its operations.

The Synua concept finds a new, high expression with iDoor, the first interior safety door that interprets the interior design concept in the widest declension. The armored door has evolved from an entrance function to an interior furnishing function and plays a fundamental role in creating protected, cosy environments with a coordinated appearance. Versatility, customization and technical performance features including burglar-proofing, noise insulation and fire resistance are combined with flush with wall or coplanar solutions, the result of continuous research into advanced technical solutions and Italian design.

Easy to open even with large measurements, high brightness, perfect coplanarity and wall development. To get into the dimension of Syuna Wall System means breaking the rules, acting with new reference frames and enjoying the appeal of an environment with no equals.

In every time and every where, architecture is a language written with matter and space. The idea of a human defined environment describes places with a different density, making them crowded or Isolated. Architecture has also a very human time dimension, it comes to life between the act of getting inside and the act of coming out of a place. But also in the silence, the quality of its materials continues to speak, to talk to the environment; here, Synua, as a new element for new architectural visions, has many things to say.

Synua Wall System has a natural vocation to be present in all those spaces, where the appearence is a crucial part of the architecture. The infinite aesthetic choices given by the great project flexibility and by the combination of the finishing makes Synua Wall System the ideal solution for hotels, museums, representative places and also for offices and shops. Its global design and its furnishing wall system concept permit any kind of space to have an extraordinary expansion with a high communicative strength.

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