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Impero Vanity

Impero is a bathroom vanity furniture line dedicated to those who live passionately with their choices and know how to recognize the value of shapes and colors.

Impero proposes a new idea of the bathroom vanity. Careful analysis of the specific functions of storage units and accessories, a personal way of expressing lines and use of materials in connection with the forms of bathroom vanity basins, a precise study of proportions in combining different types of bathroom vanity units, the whole Impero vanity collection projects involves everyone's mind and body in a pleasant updated and new daily need.

Valuable in vocation and style, Impero has prestigious changes of shape and color, each rich in elaborately accurate details such as the basin top in valuable rounded marble, which echoes the sinuous movement of the base unit. The basin unit is in the foreground, in the elegant open version with drawer on the bottom. There is a large beautiful mirror.

The spacious vanity drawers, characteristic shield like shape of the mirror, and functional vanity basin unit with feet highlight the aesthetic value of Impero. A new concept in bathrooms, which not only furnishes but also enlivens the environment.

A bathroom like this offers a pleasant beginning to every day. Surfaces to run ones' hands along, harmonious forms and avantgarde solutions such as the stepped shelves next to the mirror. Impero invents new volumes for new space requirements.

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