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Pi Quadro Vanity

Pi Quadro is a bathroom vanity furniture line dedicated to those who live passionately with their choices and know how to recognize the value of shapes and colors.

Pi Quadro proposes a new idea of the bathroom vanity. Careful analysis of the specific functions of storage units and accessories, a personal way of expressing lines and use of materials in connection with the forms of basins, a precise study of proportions in combining different types of units, the whole Pi Quadro vanity collection projects involves everyone's mind and body in a pleasant updated and new daily need. Whether varying in bathroom vanity combination, wall fitted or mounted on feet, the arrangement recalls a particular atmosphere in which order also has touch of elegance.
With Pi Quadro, the new brushed bathroom finishes and all the lacquered finishes in the BMT color chart are now available, together with the existing colors in acrylic stain on teak. The exclusive brushed finish is created on wood version vanity doors and carcasses by means of a delicate painting process: the bathroom unit is first brushed, then lacquered and mat coated, before finishing with a clear fixative varnish. This large number of painting passes guarantees that the entire bathroom unit is impressively waterproof.
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