BMT Bagni

Calypso by BMT Bagni

Calypso features modern bathroom vanities with large drawers and custom dividers available with push-pull opening or elegant handles and specially designed countertops in glass, marble, or mineral marble.

City.Live by BMT Bagni

City.Live is European style inspired by the world's most fashionable cities with a wide variety of finishes and countertop options, including lacquered wood and veneer, marble, glass, and ceramic.

Double by BMT Bagni

Double is a dual-purpose collection perfect for the bathroom and laundry room.

Fantasy.Evolution by BMT Bagni

Fantasy.Evolution will turn your bathroom into a place for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Fly by BMT Bagni

Fly combines elegant, modern bathroom design with high technical performance.

Metropolis by BMT Bagni

Inspired by the modern esthetic and functionality of Miami and Tokyo, Metropolis offers clean lines and bold colors, with just a hit of the classic.

Moon by BMT Bagni

Moon is your everyday modern bathroom vanity: Style, comfort, and convenience.

Pi.Quadro by BMT Bagni

Pi.Quadro features a simple design with warm color combinations and Tecnoril countertops.

Sound by BMT Bagni

Sound is made up of Tekno, Funky, Swing, and Blues—four distinct collections, united by their modern lines, unique textures, and huge selection of finishes.

Vanity.Line by BMT Bagni

Vanity.Line offers modern design with soft, sinuous lines.