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Kitchen Cabinets Tips

The shelf connections of all our kitchen cabinets are guaranteed for a hold of 130 kg per kitchen cabinet pair.

All of the "stops" on the horizontal panels of our kitchen cabinets, which compose the furniture, are protected by a rubber edge that protects against bumping and dust that may negatively affect our kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinet drawers and kitchen cabinet baskets have an optimal capacity of 30 kg and are tested for 160,000 or 200,000 movements, respectively. An additional kitchen cabinet option includes stainless steel sides with a self-braking closing mechanism on all kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet metal sides, along with a 16 mm thick bottom, ensure excellent side stability of the drawers of the kitchen cabinets, which maintains the same fluid movement over time.

The drilling scheme inside the kitchen cabinets allows greater use of internal spaces of the kitchen cabinets. There are three holes spaced at 96 mm for positioning the shelves on the side of the kitchen cabinets. With the addition of a second kitchen cabinet shelf, another 192 mm high compartment can be obtained increasing the internal space of the kitchen cabinet by up to 25%.

The hinges used for the kitchen cabinets make it possible to reduce fitting times by 70%, thanks to the following features: guaranteed for 200,000 fast base-door (clip) connection movements, 6 adjustments: 4 axially and 2 (vertical) on the clip hinge-door connection base, which does not require the use of any tools.

Work surfaces are covered in laminate with water repellant material.

The mechanical assembly system for kitchen cabinets has evolved over time, aimed at continuously improving quality standards. From the system of original exposed screws on the sides of the kitchen cabinets, "TITUS" is now used with metal expansion bolts on the sides, connected with the cams located on the "top/bottom" sides and on the connection "chains". The advantages of this system include: elimination of all exposed screws on kitchen cabinets, easier assembly of kitchen cabinets, no need for electric tools and significantly faster assembly of kitchen cabinets.

Quality starts with the design and involves all product aspects, including the details and internal equipment. Aran World guarantees the use of class E1 WATER REPELLANT materials and a minimum thickness of 18 mm on all kitchen cabinets, except for the backs of the furniture and drawer bottoms.
European Cabinets & Design Studios is an industry leader in Italian and European home furniture and design. Our services range from interior design, to professional installation, to remodeling. We work with single-family homes as well as multi-unit and commercial properties. European Cabinets & Design Studios has a strong relationship with the leading Italian manufacturers and brands, offering our customers access to the highest quality Italian products.
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