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Interior Door Collections
An Italian doors manufacturer begins the process of creating the finest European door design with an active search for only the finest wood and materials. From here, the company weaves together tradition and technology through the high-precision manufacturing process that also incorporates old handcrafted designs and techniques. Each door is completed with a surface finishing that is carefully overseen. The beautiful look of your door will be matched only by the seamlessness of its technology.

Built to your exact specifications, interior doors offer you endless combinations for customization. These interior Italian doors come in single, double or bi-folding designs. You will also be able to choose from over fifty different styles, ranging from traditional to minimalist contemporary. The finish on your door is also customized to your aesthetic preference from a variety of breathtaking wood essences. Just a few of your finish options include: Dark Oak, Cherry, Multi-Teak, Matured Oak, Clear White, Grey Oak, and White Opaque.

One particular design feature of your Italian door will make it a true one-of-a-kind. All interior doors are designed with an integrated soft rubber material that ensures soundproofing and a seamless closure between rooms. At this time, no other interior door in the United States offers this essential quality. Whether the soundproofing enables you to watch television while your newborn sleeps soundly next door, or allows you to conduct confidential business in the privacy of your office, the importance of this feature should not be underestimated.

Because of our devotion to excellence and innovation, all doors are environmentally friendly. This interior Italian door is a completely green design, from start to finish. We utilize only top quality recycled materials in their wooden designs. In addition, this European door is cut and finished using methods that ensure full respect to the environment.

Given the current economic times, one of the best features of your door is the extremely AFFORDABLE price! Italian interior doors are known for their extravagant designs and their beautiful impact on the appearance of one's home. Sometimes, Italian doors are known for their extravagant price tags; our interior doors, however, rely on their design and not their prices to convey extravagance. The company finally makes European luxury an affordable and realistic option for your home.

European Cabinets & Design Studios recognizes that when you are considering improvements to your home, one question stands out in your mind: Will making this improvement truly increase the value of my home? The resounding answer is: YES! The wonderful news is that having interior Italian doors can substantially increase the value of your home. The even better news is that we make the cost to you minimal, while maximizing your return on investment.

Included in the affordable price of your Italian door are the door's complimentary pieces. Each door comes with a matching frame, hardware and lock. These pieces maintain the superior design and material integrity as your luxury door. And to top this all off, European Cabinets & Design Studios will provide the installation.

Our interior door catalog provides detailed information about doors European Cabinets & Design Studios offers.
You can download the entire catalog in PDF format (5.6 MB): Interior Doors Catalog

European Cabinets & Design Studios is an industry leader in Italian and European home furniture and design. Our services range from interior design, to professional installation, to remodeling. We work with single-family homes as well as multi-unit and commercial properties. European Cabinets & Design Studios has a strong relationship with the leading Italian manufacturers and brands, offering our customers access to the highest quality Italian products.
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